1. Broze Teeth — O Unilaterialis / A Waif’s Rent — Diagonal



  2. (Source: noblette, via mm-dd-yyyy)



  4. Acid House Sound



  6. Second track taken from Leon Vynehall’s new single on Aus Music, released on 10th June.


  7. Oneothrix Point Never — Comissions — Warp





  10. The Soft Pink Truth — Why Do the Heathen Rage? — Thrill Jockey



  11. Gesaffelstein — Pursuit — Parplophone


  12. Roll the dice — Until Silence — The Leaf Label




  14. Manuel Tur — Es Cub — Freerange

    (Source: open.spotify.com)


  15. Chris & Cosey — October (Love Song) — 1982

    you took my hand on the stair
    no-one was around
    you said we could be lovers
    i just had to say the word
    only the afternoons were ours
    the nights were full
    just full of silent love..

    your heart and my heart beating together, together forever, forever together.. days of october, our hearts together, beating forever, together forever

    just nights of silent love..
    we couldnt touch,
    we couldnt kiss
    we were promised to another
    now we are together
    just kiss me
    and kiss me forever

    hold me, in the light of my eyes make my eyes smile
    kiss me, just kiss me